Lot 22c is some fucking bendy pink thing er....maybe u can use it as a drying wrack for posh mugs.

Oh I know that face you smug sod, it aint all shite, try working a bit on some balanced critical analysis, if not take ur palace branded keks and fuckin bounce sunshine.  

manspread= 1.2, fuckin joke

manspread=5, but that bulge is vulgar af

this mans retracted his man spread so far his legs dissaperin up inside his fuck me now shirt. 

Fucking lean in closer yeh

wooooah now, thats a fuckin dirty denim spread going on there and cop those water bottles for scale. pure filth.

Is thats jeffer koons dressed up as noel cowrd doin a cruise stand up routine is literally the best line I could think up for this. jokes aside guys a cunt for firing of his staff. 

As Barthes said "sign is what sign means is what sign does" 

Toshiba!!? you fuckin pleb cunt where is ur asus or think pad or apple book or maybe this is some kind of new thing?? also maybe u could fit a few more books on ur table fam, can almost see some blank surface. sort it out u worm.

Get in closer yeh?

Oh no buddy, dont look away, get involved! get in the cancerous wotsit and have a little bit of fun u sour grape! :) 

"Bally hell thats the biggest pair of chinos ive ever fucking seen, get that for the insta, oh lucinda dont moan daddy is going to get you that head thing behind him, now what hastaggery shall daddy use for this post?